Welcome to April’s blog, which shares the most recent developments and updates into Lever Turner and Cowdell. Over the last month, we have been busy as usual, with ongoing projects, new projects and delving deeper into the latest changes to the building regulations.

Monthly Update: You learn something new every day

As well as our regular surveys and drawings, this past month has also been used to further develop our understanding of the 2022 Building Safety Act as it comes into force. With roles such as ‘Dutyholder’ being introduced and the responsibilities that come with this position, we have made every effort to attend online talks and take on some ‘light’ reading to help us better understand our so that we can help guide our clients through the complex world of Building Regulations.

Project Spotlight: Former Rolling Mills Site, Stourbridge

This project is a fantastic residential development that we have had the opportunity to undertake the design and drawing work. With the benefit of repurposing a disused brownfield site that has fallen into disrepair, we are very much looking forward to seeing this project evolve. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the proposal is granted planning permission.

What else have we been up to…

As well as all the exciting work, we managed to fit in a long overdue team-building day. Some of our staff found themselves ankle-deep in mud, cold and tired but still smiling at the top of Stiperstones in Shropshire. A fun experience that we are most definitely hoping to repeat at some point in the future.


Happy Easter from LTC!